Sustainability has become a bit of a buzzword.

It's been thrown around a lot, and often where it shouldn’t, but the majority would agree that when it comes to sustainable we all should be doing our bit.

Its always been something here at Halo & Co we have done behind the scenes without announcing it, but as it becomes more and more on everyone's lips we thought we'd share a few of things we have always done and what we are doing now.

It starts with picking the right materials for our products and we choose to use Swarovski not because it has a fabulous sparkle or to use their brand. In fact, we have used Swarovski since the day we started, over 27 years ago.

Want to know why...

Swarovski's energy now comes from renewable sources at its manufacturing and water production locations; 76% of the company’s total water demand in 2018 was met through recycled sources across its manufacturing and production locations; and since its inception in 2015, the Conscious Design Program has provided designers and design schools with over 6 million upcycled crystals!!

Swarovski crystals production involves a careful selection of materials which contain 0.009% lead or less. All raw materials are subject to in-house testing to ensure purity. The patented, virtually lead-free formula is unsurpassed in the industry.

Plating is the most harmful process in the jewellery industry and we look very closely to whom we work within this sector. We review their policies and sustainability and make the best choices in choosing the least harmful processes. If fact of Antique Gold collection has no harmful plating on it at all!

We use no fur and always choice fabrics that are ethically sourced and don't harm animals. These values have always been at the heart of what we do and we will continue to do what we can to support the wonderful earth we are lucky to inhabit. 


Conscious luxury, is now a new way of doing business with consideration and care at its heart. We are proud to have this as our mantra. Let's face it beauty should not cost the earth!!!



Written by Nicola Ball

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