Your wedding day is said to be the best day of your life, and now it is threatened by a global pandemic, you couldn't write it, could you? 
As COVID 19 continues its unprecedented spread, this situation is now what many engaged couples are currently in. Boris Johnson announced stringent measures for no social gatherings of more than two people which affects all weddings. The Foreign and Commonwealth Office advised against all global travel for Brits for the foreseeable future, meaning overseas weddings are also impossible. 
“We have been following the news and government advice and yesterday made the decision to postpone our wedding and push it back," said Halo & Co bride Jane Murrey. "It was, and is a stressful decision”
It has been a sad few weeks here at Halo HQ as we have talked to brides from across the globe that has had their plans moved, changed or cancelled. Yet we have felt so much love from our customers and the bonds we have all formed will be stronger. 
We are working behind the scenes on making sure no one misses out and all new arrangements can be met. Remember that love Conquerors all and when your day arrives it will be filled with fun laugher and celebrations. So it might be on hold for now, but take this time to make the day bigger, better, knowing all your loved ones will be there with you.
Below are a few tips we hope might help you:
  1. Contact all vendors and suppliers, we need your help as much as you need ours! Talk and share your worries and concerns. Everyone in the bridal industry works hard to make your day special and this situation is no different. We will all get through it hand in hand.
  2. Set up a free website where you can have up to date information for everyone in one place. 
  3. Set up a vendor group so you can communicate with everyone in one go
  4. Use the time to research and plan details if you are still at the beginning of the process. Contact suppliers most are still working and will be delighted to get new enquiries you can chat with them, look at their work follow them on social media and by the end really know who you want on your dream team!
  5. If you are nearing your wedding date, use the time to check all details and tweak anything
  6. Most of all remember all the reasons you want to marry this man! and try to find happiness in the waiting. After all, love is eternal.
Written by Nicola Ball

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